Jimmy Page’s symbol

This site records my research into Jimmy Page’s Zoso symbol.  You are welcome to add your own comments about your own theories or insights, but please substantiate them with some references or facts and have a read of my speculation page first.  If you do not want to leave feedback here, you can email me at:


3 thoughts on “Jimmy Page’s symbol

  1. Thanks. I see indirect reference to a red dragon: may i just point out Jimmy Page’s famous “dragon pants”?


  2. Enjoyed reading that. I think you’re right on this subject and that a lot of the supposition being made around this symbol are wide of the mark and fanciful.


  3. There is a huge but largely overlooked clue that suggests the speculations on the Structure of the Symbol page are largely if not entirely correct: S. Flavius Maximus, the pseudonym under which Jimmy played guitar on Roy Harper’s “The Same Old Rock” from Roy’s album Stormcock. IMHO his pseudonym fits at least the “oso” part of the Zoso symbol to a tee: “S” standing for Sol (our Sun), Flavius coming from the adjective flavus (meaning golden in Latin), and Mercurius for Mercury’s orbit about the Sun and for mercury’s alchemy. The production timelines for Stormcock and Led Zeppelin IV coincide, so Jimmy probably had already chosen his symbol when it came time to think of a pseudonym. As Stormcock came out 6 months before LZIV, no one would’ve guessed Jimmy’s identity based on the name, let alone the meanings behind it.


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