This site is by a long-term Led Zeppelin fan.  Many people have helped me research into the source of Jimmy Page’s symbol over the years, and I would like to thank:

  • Mr Joseph Peterson of Esoteric Archives
  • Robert Ansell of Fulgur Esoterica
  • Robert Godwin, author of The Illustrated Collectors Guide to Led Zeppelin, and The Making of Led Zeppelin
  • Alain Marchiset of L’intersigne Livres anciens, Paris
  • mackedelic for his information on the Grazioso guitar
  • Frédéric Mazué from France for assistance with French-to-English translations, and for spotting Le Dragon Rouge text on eBay
  • Jorge Vives Díaz for details of Cardan’s texts
  • Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and John Bonham for being Led Zeppelin

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